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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2023-07-23

Virus description added:

Technical Information

To ensure autorun and distribution:
Creates or modifies the following files:
  • /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root
Malicious functions:
Launches itself as a daemon
Launches processes:
  • grep <SAMPLE_FULL_PATH>$
  • crontab /root/.cron
  • rm -rf /root/.cron
  • wc -l
  • /usr/bin/mawk awk /[zZ]/ && !a[$2]++ {print $2}
  • sort
  • /usr/bin/mawk awk {if($3>30.0) print $2}
  • if `id -u 2>/dev/null` -eq \x270\x27 ; then if `ps a
  • ps -A -ostat,ppid 2>/dev/null | awk \x27/[zZ]/ && !a[$2]++ {print $2}\x27 2>/dev/null | while read procid; do kill -9 $procid 2>/dev/null; done
  • grep -- md][[:space:]]*$
  • ps aux
  • grep -v -- md][[:space:]]*$
  • id -u
  • crontab -l
  • grep -v <SAMPLE_FULL_PATH>
  • if `i
  • grep -v /usr/sbin/httpd
  • uniq
  • grep -v grep
  • dir=`pwd 2>/dev/null`;rm -rf $dir/.cron 2>/dev/null;cront
  • ps -A -ostat,ppid
Performs operations with the file system:
Modifies file access rights:
  • /var/spool/cron/crontabs/tmp.5asV5A
Creates or modifies files:
  • /root/.cron
  • /var/spool/cron/crontabs/tmp.5asV5A
  • /tmp/.lock
Deletes files:
  • /root/.cron
Locks files:
  • /tmp/.lock
Changes time of creation/access/modification of files:
  • /var/spool/cron/crontabs
Network activity:
Establishes connection:
  • 13#.##.133.34:80
Sends data to the following servers:
  • 13#.##.133.34:80
Receives data from the following servers:
  • 13#.##.133.34:80
Collects OS information
Collects CPU information
Collects RAM information
Collects information about network activity

Curing recommendations


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