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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2012-08-16

Virus description added:

Technical Information

Malicious functions:
Executes the following:
  • <SYSTEM32>\regsvr32.exe /s gigasoft.dll
Sets a new unauthorized home page for Windows Internet Explorer.
Modifies file system :
Creates the following files:
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Diet Patch.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Penis Enlargement.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Tramadol.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Valium.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Travel Insurance.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Viagra.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Human Growth Hormone.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Online Casinos.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Poker.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Blackjack.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Breast Enhancement.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Weight.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Vicodin.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Pharmacy\Acne Control.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Carnival Cruises.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Golf.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Fitness.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Cruise Travel.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Fishing.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Football Betting.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Personal Trainers.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Sport Cars.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Rental Cars.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Caribbean Cruises.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Vacation Packages.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Discount Travel.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Hawaii Vacation.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Air Flight.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Travel\Hotels.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Skin Care.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Electronics.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Cosmetics.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Computers subaff.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Chat Dating.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Adult Dating.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Clothing.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Laptops.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Printers.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Wedding Gift.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Trade Shows.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Gifts.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Auto.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Shopping\Books.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Chat Flirt.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Horse Racing.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Baccarat.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Slot Machines.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Bingo.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Betting.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Online Roulette.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Gambling\Sportsbook.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Dating.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Wedding.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Singles.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Matchmaking.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Personals.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Marriage.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Dating\Romance.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Poker.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Adware Remover.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Home Mortgages.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Online Pharmacy.url
  • <Current directory>\pharmacy.ico
  • <Current directory>\poker.ico
  • <Current directory>\spyware.ico
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Web Design.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\DSL.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Cable.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Popup Blocker.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\Online Dating.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Spyware Removal.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Adware Removal.url
  • <Current directory>\mortgages.ico
  • <Current directory>\bmp00004.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00005.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00006.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00003.bmp
  • <Current directory>\gigasoft.dll
  • <Current directory>\bmp00001.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00002.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00011.bmp
  • <Current directory>\Thumbs.db
  • <Current directory>\dating.ico
  • <Current directory>\bmp00010.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00007.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00008.bmp
  • <Current directory>\bmp00009.bmp
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Payday Loan.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Home Business.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Bad Credit.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Credit Cards.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Debt Consolidation.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Home Mortgage.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Home Refinance.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Baseball Betting.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Basketball Betting.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Horse Racing.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Sport\Sportsbook.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Student Loan.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Fast Cash.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Finance\Investerment.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Interior Design.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\E Commerce.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Home Mortgage.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Home Insurance.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Broadband.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Domain Names.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Domain Hosting.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Computers and Privacy\Internet Access.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Condominiums.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Home Business.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Home Improvement.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Home Equity Loan.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Mortgage Quote.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Mortgage Refinancing.url
  • %HOMEPATH%\Favorites\Real Estate\Commercial Mortgage.url
Sets the 'hidden' attribute to the following files:
  • <Current directory>\Thumbs.db
Searches for the following windows:
  • ClassName: 'Shell_TrayWnd' WindowName: ''
  • ClassName: 'EDIT' WindowName: ''

Curing recommendations

  1. If the operating system (OS) can be loaded (either normally or in safe mode), download Dr.Web Security Space and run a full scan of your computer and removable media you use. More about Dr.Web Security Space.
  2. If you cannot boot the OS, change the BIOS settings to boot your system from a CD or USB drive. Download the image of the emergency system repair disk Dr.Web® LiveDisk , mount it on a USB drive or burn it to a CD/DVD. After booting up with this media, run a full scan and cure all the detected threats.
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Use Dr.Web Anti-virus for macOS to run a full scan of your Mac.

After booting up, run a full scan of all disk partitions with Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux.

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  1. If the mobile device is operating normally, download and install Dr.Web for Android. Run a full system scan and follow recommendations to neutralize the detected threats.
  2. If the mobile device has been locked by Android.Locker ransomware (the message on the screen tells you that you have broken some law or demands a set ransom amount; or you will see some other announcement that prevents you from using the handheld normally), do the following:
    • Load your smartphone or tablet in the safe mode (depending on the operating system version and specifications of the particular mobile device involved, this procedure can be performed in various ways; seek clarification from the user guide that was shipped with the device, or contact its manufacturer);
    • Once you have activated safe mode, install the Dr.Web for Android onto the infected handheld and run a full scan of the system; follow the steps recommended for neutralizing the threats that have been detected;
    • Switch off your device and turn it on as normal.

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