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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2019-08-15

Virus description added:

Technical Information

To ensure autorun and distribution:
Creates or modifies the following files:
  • /etc/init.d/developer
  • /etc/init.d/rcS_bak
  • /etc/init.d/rcS
  • /etc/rc.local
Malicious functions:
Launches itself as a daemon
Substitutes application name for:
  • GNU
Modifies firewall settings:
  • /sbin/iptables -F
  • /sbin/iptables -X
Manages services:
  • service iptables stop
  • systemctl stop iptables.service
  • service firewalld stop
  • systemctl stop firewalld.service
Launches processes:
  • sh -c rm -rf /tmp/* /var/tmp/*
  • rm -rf /tmp/* /var/tmp/*
  • sh -c echo 0>/var/log/wtmp
  • sh -c rm -rf /bin/netstat
  • rm -rf /bin/netstat
  • sh -c echo 0>/var/log/secure
  • sh -c service iptables stop
  • sh -c /sbin/iptables -F; /sbin/iptables -X
  • sh -c service firewalld stop
  • sh -c rm -rf ~/.bash_history
  • rm -rf /root/.bash_history
  • sh -c history -c
  • sh -c mount -o bind /tmp /proc/737
  • sh -c /bin/busybox cp <SAMPLE_FULL_PATH> /usr/sbin/developer
  • mount -o bind /tmp /proc/737
  • /bin/busybox cp <SAMPLE_FULL_PATH> /usr/sbin/developer
  • sh -c /bin/busybox cp <SAMPLE_FULL_PATH> /etc/init.d/developer
  • sh -c umount /proc/*
  • /bin/busybox cp <SAMPLE_FULL_PATH> /etc/init.d/developer
  • sh -c /bin/busybox cp /etc/init.d/rcS /etc/init.d/rcS_bak
  • umount /proc/1 /proc/10 /proc/11 /proc/12 /proc/13 /proc/132 /proc/135 /proc/14 /proc/140 /proc/15 /proc/16 /proc/164 /proc/166 /proc/167 /proc/17 /proc/18 /proc/19 /proc/2 /proc/20 /proc/21 /proc/22 /proc/23 /proc/29 /proc/3 /proc/30 /proc/31 /proc/32 /proc/351 /proc/374 /proc/383 /proc/388 /proc/391 /proc/398 /proc/399 /proc/4 /proc/400 /proc/401 /proc/403 /proc/405 /proc/407 /proc/409 /proc/435 /proc/436 /proc/5 /proc/6 /proc/65 /proc/66 /proc/664 /proc/67 /proc/679 /proc/68 /proc/681 /proc/684 /proc/685 /proc/69 /proc/7 /proc/70 /proc/73 /proc/737 /proc/743 /proc/745 /proc/76 /proc/8 /proc/9 /proc/97 /proc/98 /proc/acpi /proc/buddyinfo /proc/bus /proc/cgroups /proc/cmdline /proc/consoles /proc/cpuinfo /proc/crypto /proc/devices /proc/disks[rkmodule] [sh][PPID:0x2e7] [sh][PID:0x2ea] do_filp_open. Filename: \"/bin/umount\
  • /bin/busybox cp /etc/init.d/rcS /etc/init.d/rcS_bak
  • sh -c /bin/busybox echo '/usr/sbin/developer self.load' >> /etc/init.d/rcS
  • /bin/busybox echo /usr/sbin/developer self.load
  • sh -c /bin/busybox echo '/etc/init.d/developer self.load' >> /etc/init.d/rcS
  • /bin/busybox echo /etc/init.d/developer self.load
  • sh -c echo '/usr/sbin/developer self.load' >> /etc/rc.local
  • sh -c echo '/etc/init.d/developer self.load' >> /etc/rc.local
  • sh -c /sbin/chkconfig --add mashiro
  • /sbin/chkconfig --add mashiro
  • sh -c setenforce 0
  • sh -c mount -o bind /tmp /proc/758
  • sh -c mount -o bind /tmp /proc/759
  • sh -c mount -o bind /tmp /proc/761
  • mount -o bind /tmp /proc/759
  • mount -o bind /tmp /proc/758
  • mount -o bind /tmp /proc/761
  • sh -c mount -o bind /tmp /proc/757
  • mount -o bind /tmp /proc/757
Performs operations with the file system:
Creates or modifies files:
  • /var/log/wtmp
  • /var/log/secure
  • /usr/sbin/developer
  • /run/mount/utab
Deletes files:
  • /tmp/*
  • /var/tmp/*
  • /bin/netstat
  • /root/.bash_history
  • /
Mounts file systems:
  • /tmp
Network activity:
Awaits incoming connections on ports:
Establishes connection:
  • 8.#.8.8:53
  • 3.##.#58.164:42022
Attacks using a special dictionary (brute-force technique) via the Telnet protocol.
Sends data to the following servers:
  • 3.##.#58.164:42022
Receives data from the following servers:
  • 3.##.#58.164:42022

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