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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2019-05-30

Virus description added:

Technical Information

Malicious functions:
Substitutes application name for:
  • FLSa4dMoaqoZkMq64rf6ER2W5rIa
Kills system processes:
  • sshd
Kills the following processes:
  • exim4
  • bash
  • <SAMPLE>
Network activity:
Attacks using a special dictionary (brute-force technique) via the Telnet protocol.
Connects to the following servers over the IRC protocol:
  • Server: 37.##.225.230; Command: NICK [KTN|MIPSEL]OCLKD\nUSER ktn localhost localhost :UTSEVC\n
  • Server: 37.##.225.230; Command: PONG :A5FB3546\n
  • Server: 37.##.225.230; Command: MODE OCLKD -xi\n
  • Server: 37.##.225.230; Command: JOIN #ktx :\n
  • Server: 37.##.225.230; Command: WHO OCLKD\n

Curing recommendations


After booting up, run a full scan of all disk partitions with Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux.

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