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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2018-10-20

Virus description added:

Technical Information

To ensure autorun and distribution:
Creates or modifies the following files:
  • /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE>
  • /etc/rc.local
Creates or modifies the following symlinks:
  • /etc/rc3.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • /etc/rc4.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • /etc/rc5.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • /etc/rc2.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • /etc/rc1.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • /etc/rc6.d/S01<SAMPLE>
Malicious functions:
Launches itself as a daemon
Launches processes:
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc3.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc3.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc4.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc4.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc5.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc5.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc2.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc2.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc1.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc1.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc6.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc6.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rcS.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rcS.d/S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc.d/rc.3S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc.d/rc.3S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc.d/rc.4S01<SAMPLE>
  • ln -s /etc/init.d/<SAMPLE> /etc/rc.d/rc.4S01<SAMPLE>
  • sh -c sed -i -e '/exit/d' /etc/rc.local
  • sed -i -e /exit/d /etc/rc.local
  • sh -c sed -i -e '/
  • sed -i -e /
  • sh -c sed -i -e '//<SAMPLE> reboot/d' /etc/rc.local
  • sed -i -e //<SAMPLE> reboot/d /etc/rc.local
  • sh -c sed -i -e '2 i//<SAMPLE> reboot' /etc/rc.local
  • sed -i -e 2 i//<SAMPLE> reboot /etc/rc.local
  • sh -c sed -i -e '2 i//<SAMPLE> reboot start' /etc/rc.d/rc.local
  • sed -i -e 2 i//<SAMPLE> reboot start /etc/rc.d/rc.local
  • sh -c sed -i -e '2 i//<SAMPLE> reboot start' /etc/init.d/boot.local
  • sed -i -e 2 i//<SAMPLE> reboot start /etc/init.d/boot.local
  • sh -c pkill -f xmrig
  • pkill -f xmrig
  • sh -c pkill -f mine
  • pkill -f mine
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep 3333|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • ps auxf
  • grep -v grep
  • grep 3333
  • awk {print $2}
  • xargs kill -9
  • kill -9
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep xmr|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • grep xmr
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep mine|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • grep mine
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep pool|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • grep pool
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep 4444|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • grep 4444
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep 1444|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • grep 1444
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep 5555|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • grep 5555
  • sh -c ps auxf|grep -v grep|grep -p x|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • grep -p x
  • sh -c ./tmp/this -B -o stratum+tcp:// -u 43zwbJumSXxSTwHbd2zWRE61vnUweLVwARXAek5kHvBMCg7gnBKgLu93qfzbhKiWT4LuEsnmdWPkrdSLEQr7zVywFYHeDZT -p x -k --donate-level=0
  • ./tmp/this -B -o stratum+tcp:// -u 43zwbJumSXxSTwHbd2zWRE61vnUweLVwARXAek5kHvBMCg7gnBKgLu93qfzbhKiWT4LuEsnmdWPkrdSLEQr7zVywFYHeDZT -p x -k --donate-level=0
  • sh -c ps -ef|grep this
  • ps -ef
  • grep this
Kills the following processes:
  • /bin/sh
  • /tmp/this
Performs operations with the file system:
Modifies file access rights:
  • /etc/sednTpKtY
  • /etc/sedwZXPLE
Creates symlinks:
  • /etc/rcS.d/S01<SAMPLE>
Creates or modifies files:
  • /etc/resolv.conf
  • /etc/sednTpKtY
  • /etc/sedwZXPLE
  • /tmp/this
Deletes files:
  • /bin/wipefs
Network activity:
Establishes connection:
  • 61.###.247.87:3333
Sends data to the following servers:
  • 61.###.247.87:3333
Receives data from the following servers:
  • 61.###.247.87:3333
Collects CPU information
Collects RAM information
Collects information about network activity

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