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An analysis of the technologies used by cybercriminals allows us to draw conclusions about the virus industry’s possible vectors of development and more effectively confront future threats. You, too, can learn what actions various malicious programs take in infected systems and how to withstand them.

Win32.Rammstein.13346 aliases:

Name Vendor Dr.Web classification name
Virus.Win32.Ramm.d Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.D-O Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.I Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.12924 McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.i Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.n Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32/Rammstein Computer Associates Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32.Rammstein.Gen Symantec Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.12852 McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.m Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32/Ramm.A Computer Associates Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.AA Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.14531.b McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.a Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.A Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32/Thunderpick.8156 Computer Associates Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.12469 McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.l Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32/Ramm.D Computer Associates Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.G1 Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.13023 McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.g Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.G2 Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.12753 McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.h Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.H Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.12704 McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Ramm.j Kaspersky Win32.Rammstein.13346
PE_RAMM.D Trend Micro Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein.13353 McAfee Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Rammstein Avira Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32/Rammstn.14013 Microsoft Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32/Rammstein AVG Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32.Rammstn.14013 BitDefender Win32.Rammstein.13346
Virus.Win32.Rammstein VirusBlokAda Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Ramm.G Avira Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32/Rammstn.12504 Microsoft Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32.Rammstn.12504 BitDefender Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32.RammStein.B BitDefender Win32.Rammstein.13346
Win32.Rammstein.H BitDefender Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Ramm.J Avira Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Ramm.M Avira Win32.Rammstein.13346
W32/Ramm.H Avira Win32.Rammstein.13346

Vulnerabilities for Android

According to statistics, every fifth program for Android contains a vulnerability (or, in other words, a "loophole") that lets cybercriminals successfully introduce Trojans onto mobile devices and manipulate them into doing whatever actions they need them to.

Dr.Web Security Auditor for Android diagnoses and analyses a mobile device’s security and offers solutions to address security problems and vulnerabilities.

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