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Scan your computer for viruses and other malicious and unwanted programs here for free using the Dr.Web online scanner.

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The files submitted for online scanning will be checked by the latest version of the Dr.Web Anti-virus and the newest add-on to the Dr.Web virus database. When scanning is complete, a scan report will be displayed.

How do I scan one or more files with Dr.Web Online Scanner?

  • To scan a single file that seems suspicious to you, choose it by clicking on "Browse". To start scanning press "Send".
  • Maximum file size—10 MB
  • To send several files for scanning, place them in an archive (WinZip, WinRar or ARJ), and upload this archive by clicking on "Browse". To start scanning, press "Send". The scan protocol will include a report on every file within the archive.

Add into your website’s code the form used to check files and links (URLs),

and visitors to your site can use this service free of charge.

Dr.Web can help you cure your infected device

The Dr.Web anti-virus scanner will help you determine whether the files you submitted are infected, but it won’t answer the question as to whether your PC is infected.

Cure your computer or server

To completely check the hard drive and memory of a system running Windows or Windows Server, use the free Dr.Web CureIt! utility.

Learn more

Cure your network

You can also check your local network using the centrally administered network utility Dr.Web CureNet!

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Dr.Web vxCube

Does your anti-virus consider a file to be "clean", but you have your doubts?

To scan a file, use the Dr.Web vxCube online service—a cloud-based intelligent interactive analyser for suspicious objects that has been specially designed for information security professionals and cybercriminalists.

In just a minute, you will find out whether a file is malicious (and if it is, to what extent) and receive a detailed report that includes a video showing how the file is operating in the system and making modifications to it, and what nodes it is connecting to. You will also see its network activity map and more.

Learn more

Virus-related computer incident expert consultations (VCI)

Have workstations in your company gotten infected, and now you want to know how it happened?

Doctor Web offers a paid service that involves investigating virus-related computer incidents experienced by users.