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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2020-11-21

Virus description added:

Technical Information

To ensure autorun and distribution
Creates the following files on removable media
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\5cd8f17f4086744065eb0992a09e05a2.exe
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\ovp25012015.doc.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\508softwareandos.doc.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\applicantform_en.doc.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\hanni_umami_chapter.doc.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\sdksampleunprivdeveloper.cer.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\contosoroot.cer.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\sdksampleprivdeveloper.cer.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\testee.cer.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\weeklysheet1215.doc.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\sdkfailsafeemulator.cer.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\dashborder_96.bmp.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\tileimage.bmp.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\coffee.bmp.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\default.bmp.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\000814251_video_01.avi.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\delete.avi.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\split.avi.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\correct.avi.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\testcertificate.cer.lnk
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\lisp_success.doc.lnk
Malicious functions
Executes the following
  • '<SYSTEM32>\netsh.exe' firewall add allowedprogram "<Full path to file>" "<File name>.exe" ENABLE
Modifies file system
Sets the 'hidden' attribute to the following files
  • <Drive name for removable media>:\5cd8f17f4086744065eb0992a09e05a2.exe
Creates and executes the following
  • '<SYSTEM32>\netsh.exe' firewall add allowedprogram "<Full path to file>" "<File name>.exe" ENABLE' (with hidden window)
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