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Added to the Dr.Web virus database: 2020-09-16

Virus description added:

Technical Information

Malicious functions:
Launches itself as a daemon
Performs process tracing:
  • /proc/self/fd/3
  • /proc/self/exe
Launches processes:
  • /proc/self/exe (sd-pam)
Performs operations with the file system:
Modifies file access rights:
  • /root/.sipega/sipega
Creates folders:
  • /root/.sipega
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a
Creates symlinks:
  • /lib/systemd/system/
Creates or modifies files:
  • /tmp/upxDY2JSAXAAWB
  • /root/.sipega/63f036c7-e324-563f-da72a0c88a35ac4e
  • /root/.sipega/sipega
  • /lib/systemd/system/sipega.service
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/cBIZEiesh92ge2sdge_hEeciB6M=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/DvunBvKUM6meo22G_lSSYCXXxPE=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/iCzueJNrIthNP4Cz+Yf20vv9N6Q=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/Q0tRXDkNH7XLNA1yAgqPrwlTzSE=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/_sbIItdyK7lSBaNBLbKv7jc9BX4=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/VJhWlsx22SBXcpLzUCmAMQErakQ=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/mry4ifaamfPqqOHCUR7rFhPDpQE=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/iOXfyPhm4EoBkLkQyJmjuhBcs_M=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/EkAe_wZabzTb3ye7gL_BwBlSfA8=
  • /root/.sipega/d915da1d-d1d3-5536-0e80e426147f0a9a/63Cr8janlGvuBfHanwZc2koml5s=
Deletes files:
  • /tmp/upxDY2JSAXAAWB
Locks files:
  • /root/.sipega/63f036c7-e324-563f-da72a0c88a35ac4e
Network activity:
Establishes connection:
  • 5.###.86.132:8080
  • 16#.##2.149.155:443
  • 50.#.74.172:443
Sends data to the following servers:
  • 16#.##2.149.155:443
  • 50.#.74.172:443
Receives data from the following servers:
  • 16#.##2.149.155:443
  • 50.#.74.172:443
Collects CPU information
Collects RAM information

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