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(W32/Padania, W95/Padania.dr, PE_PADANIA, TROJ_Generic.DIT, TR/Agent.106496.T, W95/Padania.dam, W95.Shaitan, Win95/Padania.1335, TROJ_GEN.0X0312S, TR/Agent.149504.D, Virus.Win9x.Padania.1335, W32/Elkern.C, Win95.Padania.1335, Parser error, W32/Shaitan.3390, Win32.Klez.H@mm, Win32.HLLW.Klez.h, Padania, I-Worm/Klez.H, Generic.dx, Win32.Worm.Klez.H, Trojan.Generic.1246884, Win95/Padania-7, Hacktool.NetCat, W95/Padania, W95.Padania)

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