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Virus library

An analysis of the technologies used by cybercriminals allows us to draw conclusions about the virus industry’s possible vectors of development and more effectively confront future threats. You, too, can learn what actions various malicious programs take in infected systems and how to withstand them. aliases:

Name Vendor Dr.Web classification name Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.148 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.124 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.121 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.122 Kaspersky Trojan.Siggen.3043 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.139 Kaspersky Trojan.Siggen.2291 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.256 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.134 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.128 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.206 VirusBlokAda Trojan.WinSpy.206 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.205 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.251 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.169 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.237 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.557 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.131 Kaspersky Trojan.Siggen.2199 VirusBlokAda Trojan.Siggen.2199 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.236 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.227 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.161 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.164 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.216 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.160 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.176 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.221 Kaspersky Trojan.SfcPatch.4 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.173 VirusBlokAda Trojan.WinSpy.169 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.224 VirusBlokAda Trojan.WinSpy.224 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.270 Kaspersky Trojan.Siggen.1352 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.276 VirusBlokAda Trojan.WinSpy.139 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.210 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.257 VirusBlokAda Trojan.WinSpy.173 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.440 Kaspersky Trojan.WinSpy.417

Vulnerabilities for Android

According to statistics, every fifth program for Android contains a vulnerability (or, in other words, a "loophole") that lets cybercriminals successfully introduce Trojans onto mobile devices and manipulate them into doing whatever actions they need them to.

Dr.Web Security Auditor for Android diagnoses and analyses a mobile device’s security and offers solutions to address security problems and vulnerabilities.

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