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Virus library

An analysis of the technologies used by cybercriminals allows us to draw conclusions about the virus industry’s possible vectors of development and more effectively confront future threats. You, too, can learn what actions various malicious programs take in infected systems and how to withstand them.

Trojan.Encoder.3539 in virus library:

A family of Trojans that encrypt files demanding a ransom for decryption of compromised data. They can encrypt archives, graphics files, documents, movie and music files, and files of other types (for example, .rar, .zip, .arj, .jzip, .jpg, .psd, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .mp3, .ogg, .avi, .mpeg, .html, .mht, .bas, .cdx, .psw, .txt, .php, etc.).

Once files are encrypted, malicious programs of the Trojan.Encoder family, depending on their modifications, plant text files with instructions on data recovery into different directories or replace Windows Desktop wallpaper with the image that tells the user how to unlock the computer. The amount of ransom demanded for file decryption can vary from several dozens to several thousands of dollars.

If you have fallen victim to a ransomware program, do not transfer money to cybercriminals and never attempt to eliminate the problem by yourself (do not reinstall the operating system and do not delete any files), because such actions can result in all the encrypted data being permanently lost. To recover your files, contact Doctor Web technical support (free decryption service is only available to users who have purchased commercial licenses for Dr.Web products).

Vulnerabilities for Android

According to statistics, every fifth program for Android contains a vulnerability (or, in other words, a "loophole") that lets cybercriminals successfully introduce Trojans onto mobile devices and manipulate them into doing whatever actions they need them to.

Dr.Web Security Auditor for Android diagnoses and analyses a mobile device’s security and offers solutions to address security problems and vulnerabilities.