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Virus library

An analysis of the technologies used by cybercriminals allows us to draw conclusions about the virus industry’s possible vectors of development and more effectively confront future threats. You, too, can learn what actions various malicious programs take in infected systems and how to withstand them.

Android.Circle in virus library:

Android.Circle is the family of Android malicious programs which combine both adware and clicker trojans functions. They are bots controlled by attackers via special commands. These trojans receive tasks in the form of BeanShell scripts and execute them using built-in open source BeanShell library.

Various modfications of Android.Circle trojans are created using Multiple APKs mechanism. It allows developers to upload several copies of a single application on Google Play to support different device models and CPU architectures. Thanks to this mechanism, part of the malicious functionality is implemented in separate APK files which are installed with the main application. As a result, discovery and analysis of such trojans is significantly complicated.

Android.Circle in virus library:

Vulnerabilities for Android

According to statistics, every fifth program for Android contains a vulnerability (or, in other words, a "loophole") that lets cybercriminals successfully introduce Trojans onto mobile devices and manipulate them into doing whatever actions they need them to.

Dr.Web Security Auditor for Android diagnoses and analyses a mobile device’s security and offers solutions to address security problems and vulnerabilities.